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  Fatigue is a key symptom that tells a mind body practitioner about the state of their client. Fatigue on waking after sleep is quite different to fatigue in the afternoon or after activity. We will explain why below. Some people sleep…

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Regular exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, coronary artery disease, cancer, dementia, depression and others. It can also be used as a natural treatment to improve symptoms of many of these conditions. This is in part because…

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Your heart pumps the blood into your body, but it’s the muscular action that helps the blood return to the heart. The blood carries fresh nutrients to your cells and helps remove toxins. When you experience stress, the flight or fight reaction…

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Just Breathe – exercises The key to breathing easily and well is to first start noticing the breath. You can do this by sitting somewhere quietly, in a chair that supports your back and just listening to your breath as it flows…

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“Your body hears everything your mind says” Naomi Judd

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