Green inside, clean inside

When you’re green inside, you’re clean inside

Vegetables are the ‘jewels in the crown’, packed with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that are good for us.  They really are like jewels in all their glorious colours – emerald leafy greens and brassicas and dark amber and ruby root veggies.

Leafy greens like herbs, lettuce, spinach, kale and Chinese broccoli are packed with natural folates that help methylation, cancer prevention and mental health.

Brassicas (cabbages, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli) contain a lot of phytochemicals to help metabolise oestrogen.

Flexible, versatile, and varied, vegetables can be cooked up into amazing dishes, quickly and easily. And many of them are delicious raw, on the side, as a snack, in juices or in salads.

Ideally you should aim to eat 5 -7 servings of vegetables a day and there’s so many to choose from!


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Jarrah Eddy

Unfortunately Jarrah is no longer with ITH. Use the Practitioners Link to learn about our other naturopaths.

Food is our body’s fuel. It provides the nutrients that give us energy and vitality. It helps to buffer us against illness and to keep our bodies at a healthy weight. And food really can be our medicine, because so many foods have genuinely medicinal and helpful properties.
“Your body hears everything your mind says” Naomi Judd

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