Health Coach

Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Anneliese Braendle

Anneliese is a national board-certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), a member of the Health Coaches Australia New Zealand Association (HCANZA) and the founder of Spark Courage, health and wellness coaching services. 

Her goal is to help people find their optimal physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. She is extremely passionate about seeing her clients progress, regain their confidence and succeed in their own lives. She encourages self-directed and lasting behavioural changes by applying motivational interviewing methods and positive psychology techniques. Anneliese has a tuned sense for asking the right questions and listening actively to help find solutions to complex challenges.

Prior to working as a coach, Anneliese had over 15 years experience working in the corporate sector, leading, training and mentoring large teams. She understands the pressures that come from working in large organisations with competitive environments and is passionate about helping busy professionals stay healthy. As an action sport lover (think skydiving, snowboarding and, most recently, mountain biking), she also loves coaching athletes to help them overcome their fears and build resilience after setbacks such as injuries or the inability to handle increased pressure. She is no stranger to injuries, chronic pain and the psychological conditions that come with those and can relate to the challenges her clients face.

In addition to her coaching qualifications, Anneliese holds a Master of Business with a major in Change Management. These qualifications tie nicely together given courage and change are what she works on with her clients.

Anneliese lives and breathes her life motto: “The world belongs to those who set out to conquer it, armed with self-confidence and good humour”. True to this, she supports her clients who have lost their mojo to rediscover their courage and strengths and helps them to take charge of their own wellbeing.

“Your body hears everything your mind says” Naomi Judd

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