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Dianah Rodrigues

Dianah has 20 years experience of private practice as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

She completed her Master of Science by research in 2005 and is a BCIA board certified Biofeedback practitioner. Also a researcher, she has worked with a multi-disciplinary team from Newcastle University co-authoring and co-presenting papers nationally and internationally in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.

She is currently undertaking a doctoral research program in Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) at the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research, The University of Sydney. Her work explores the interactions between pain and fatigue, heart rate variability, depression and other secondary conditions.

Dianah has worked with a charity organisation to provide bio-neurofeedback training for children and adults with learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Her interest is in finding novel ways to understand the adaptability and resilience of the human organism.

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