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B.H.Sc, B.A, AHPRA, AACMA, PhD candidate

Dr Hyonna Kang

Dr Hyonna Kang is a registered practitioner with AHPRA, AACMA, and ATMS. She is the foremost practitioner in Australia of Korean Eight Constitution Medicine. Her passion is to help patients to learn how they are different physiologically and what regimens of diet, exercise, and lifestyle would benefit their health.

Korean Eight Constitution Medicine (ECM) recognises that people are different and not all disease is the same, presenting different trigger factors, inflammatory responses, and symptoms. ECM recognises these differences and uses personalised acupuncture and dietary regimens to treat disease on this basis by restoring equilibrium based on patients’ constitutional characteristics.

ECM is a powerful method that can result in rapid improvement of a patient’s complaints, for example, chronic pain, headaches, asthma, low immune function, infertility, sleeping issues, skin problems, and digestive dysfunction. It not only can relieve patient’s major complaints, but it also can help patients to take control of their own health on a long-term basis.

Eight Constitution Medicine integrates well with Western Medicine to treat:

  • chronic conditions that don’t respond well to western medicine, or a natural drug-free therapy is the patient’s preference
  • chronic conditions that require western medicine but present unwanted effects that need to be ameliorated
  • weakness after post-operative events or invasive therapies (e.g. digestive function issues, low immune function, general weakness)
  • pain and health management among the elderly (e.g. chronic muscular-skeletal pain, recurrent inflammation, low vitality)
  • chronic conditions among children (e.g. asthma, dermatitis)
  • health issues of middle-aged adults (e.g. metabolic syndrome)

Dr Kang is a PhD candidate currently undertaking postgraduate research in the field of Korean Eight Constitution Medicine, at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The overall aim of the research is to make it easier for practitioners to reliably diagnose a patient’s constitution. She is currently conducting the first ECM clinical study in Australia to explore ECM as a complementary therapy for asthma.

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