CEO – Eric D’Indy

Eric is the co-founder of Invitation to Health and a leader and transformational change agent in the fields of health, medical and social enterprise. Over the last 12 years, Eric has help steered Invitation to Health through its start- up phase and into a period of stability and growth.

Eric’s track record in health and medical research includes more than six years as CEO at a leading medical research foundation in Sydney and three years as a Director of the prestigious Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research, helping reshape the board and strategic direction of the organisation. Prior to this, Eric was on the National Executive Team of Mission Australia for 10 years, during which time he contributed to a $234 million growth for the organisation.

Eric is a member of an International Think Tank, Le Vivant based in Belgium which mission is to work with science and nature to bring Deep Health to an increasingly unbalanced world and is an advisor to medical centres in France and Belgium.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Administration and Economics, a Master Degree of Economics and an MBA from a leading European Business School. He is a graduate member of The Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Advisory Board

ITH has benefited from having an Advisory Board to help plan and guide its development over the last 10 years. This team has brought many skills to ITH, including strategy, business planning, facilitation, marketing and health administration.
The Advisory Board meets about once every two months with the ITH leadership team to progress the development and growth of the Vision.

Members of the ITH Advisory Board are:

Jeremy Kahn (Chair)

Jane Austin

Dr Penny Caldicott

Eric D’Indy

Dr Tim Ewer

Eric D'Indy
Eric D'Indy
“The first wealth is health” Ralph Waldo Emmerson

We are a medical centre based in Wyoming, near Gosford on the Central Coast, with onsite GPs, integrative doctors and complementary therapists to support your health.

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