What you eat, how you breathe, how you move, and how you think are all essential to your health and wellbeing. In Be Well, our Invitation to Health experts share their knowledge on how you can keep your mind, body and spirit strong and better able to withstand life’s challenges.


Photobiomodulation is a form of light therapy which reduces inflammation and swelling, increases circulation and antioxidant mechnisism, and decreases pain in the tissue that it’s applied to.

Laser Light Therapy
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Cupping is an ancient art, which originated in China. In this therapy, cups are placed directly on the skin at specific points to create suction which improves the flow of energy within the body. The pressure created from the suction draws blood…

Cupping Therapy
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Stress management is crucial in today’s busy world. Stress is linked to major health problems and massage is one therapy that can create a holistic space for YOU to open into a deep state of relaxation, allowing for repair and renewal. Massage…

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We all know that a healthy gut is the foundation for good health overall. So, let’s delve a bit deeper into how, on a day to day basis, we can include things that are helping our gut. These foods are pretty great…

5 Gut Loving Foods
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I have learnt much from my patients about the most effective ways to treat headaches. There are many different root causes that result in a headache and understanding the cause of the symptoms is crucial to be able to effectively offer relief.…

Headaches and the Healing Magic of Massage
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You have a meeting scheduled for 2pm, and it is an important one. As the presenter, you want to be focused, precise and confident. However, lately you’ve been finding that brain fog has been hitting you hard – after lunch, especially. Thinking…

Can't afford to have brain fog?
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Prebiotics are substances in food that selectively feed good bacteria and not harmful microbes in your intestine and bowel. They feed these bacteria that protect us against infection, allergy, inflammation, cancer, and they also help make vitamins such as vitamin K. So,…

How to supercharge your microbiome
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“Your body hears everything your mind says” Naomi Judd

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