Footwear Guide for Foot Health

Our foot health is important and our feet need protection from the elements, so we provide “huts”—footwear—for them.

Heel: should be completely flat if possible
Upper: needs to be well attached to the foot
Toebox: Make sure there’s enough room for your toes to spread
Sole: thin and flexible

These “huts” are best bought in the afternoon as feet tend to be at their largest at the end of the day. “Huts” do not have to be expensive, and do not have to be worn all day, every day. Feet want to be BAREFOOT often.

Use the HUTS formula when looking for footwear – it will benefit your feet and help you thrive! When it’s a challenge to find shoes that match this formula exactly, make sure you aim for having NO HEEL and a TOEBOX area that accommodates each space-loving family of 5 toes, giving them room to move the way they were designed to.

And don’t forget – buy shoes in the afternoon!

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Seleisa Duddy


Seleisa Duddy

“My mission is to have EVERYONE WALKING – pain-free, with good body alignment and more often.”
Seleisa Duddy is a podiatrist with a strong focus on health promotion and preventive methods of foot care for everyone’s feet.

Finding our presence. We are complex beings, with amazing and constantly racing minds brimming with thoughts, feelings and ideas. Learning to still and quieten that racing, enables us to access the deeper part of ourselves that might be called ‘spirit’. Eckhart Tolle refers to being in an ‘alert space’ where we can find ‘the presence behind the person’.
“Your body hears everything your mind says” Naomi Judd

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