FOOD & DIET: Chemicals

We’re sure by now you’ve heard the statistic that on average in Australia we ingest about a credit card’s worth of plastic each week. It’s horrifying! But what can we do? 1. Don’t drink bottled water 2. Avoid storing food in plastic, especially…

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Toxic cleaners have been linked with causing or worsening asthma, reproductive and developmental toxicity and cancer. When shopping for cleaning products, it’s important not to get influenced by the product packaging as lots of brands claim to be natural or green. The…

Six Cleaning Product Ingredients to Avoid
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Staying healthy can be hard in the modern world. We’re surrounded by health hazards in our food and water, in the cleaning and skin care products we use and in our furnishings and household items. Some chemicals can overwhelm the liver, interfere with…

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Last month, Invitation to Health hosted a talk by naturopath and Building Biologist, Nicole Bijlsma. She explained some of the hazards found in modern homes and associated health risks. It is clear that the regulatory bodies are not doing enough to prevent the…

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Chemicals are all around us – in our food and water, on our food, in the cleaning and skin care products we use and in our furnishings and household items. Many chemicals can affect your liver and hormone metabolism and can contribute to…

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