Dr Penny Caldicott

General Practitioner

Penny is a passionate doctor who loves walking in nature. Ask her about her recent experiences on the Camino Track and trekking the Lycian way in Turkey. She can also share with you the many ways to enjoy black tahini!

LATEST FROM Dr Penny Caldicott

April is IBS Awareness Month. You probably won’t come across any marches for Irritable Bowel Syndrome this month, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a widespread issue. In fact, IBS is the most common disorder of the digestive tract, affecting approximately 1…

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Staying healthy can be hard in the modern world. We’re surrounded by health hazards in our food and water, in the cleaning and skin care products we use and in our furnishings and household items. Some chemicals can overwhelm the liver, interfere with…

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Last month, Invitation to Health hosted a talk by naturopath and Building Biologist, Nicole Bijlsma. She explained some of the hazards found in modern homes and associated health risks. It is clear that the regulatory bodies are not doing enough to prevent the…

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For most of us, the Christmas holidays are a fun and festive time of the year. Yet it can also be compromising to the health principles we work so hard on during the rest of the year. Here are the best tips…

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Here at Invitation to Health, we talk a lot about self-compassion. We believe that loving yourself is an essential step in the wellness journey. Most of us understand the importance of compassion to others. We notice when another person is suffering and…

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Copper’s going up. Does that mean zinc’s gone down? What should we do? It might sound like the market’s about to crash, but don’t panic. Let’s start from the beginning.

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Are you an undermethylator? An under what? You might not recognise the term, but undermethylation is linked to a wide range of conditions.

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