Wishing You a Healthy Festive Season from All of Us at ITH

For most of us, the Christmas holidays are a fun and festive time of the year. Yet it can also be compromising to the health principles we work so hard on during the rest of the year. Here are the best tips from your Invitation to Health practitioners for getting through the Silly Season with your wellness intact.

“Christmas is a great time to connect with our friends and family and often involves overindulging in food and alcohol, which can put a burden on our liver and digestion. I like to start the day with  a glass of warm water with a squeeze of half a lemon and 10mls of apple cider vinegar.  Also great to do before a a big lunch or dinner.”
Michelle Skidmore, Nutritionist

“Staying hydrated is really important over the festive season. Hot weather, increased physical activity over the holidays and often increased alcohol intake can each predispose to dehydration. I use filtered water to stay hydrated and aim for about 2L, or 8-10 cups per day. Avoid using tap water and drinks such as coffee and tea for hydration.”
Dr James Longmore, GP

“We are lucky enough to have a festive season with warm weather so there’s no need to sacrifice! Indulge in any combination of delicious seasonal fruits, herbs and salads, local wild caught seafoods and good quality free range artisan ham. Kombucha makes a great substitute for alcohol. I like the Kombucha Zest Dark and Stormy – it’s local and YUMMO!”
Jarrah Eddy, Naturopath

“I try to never go to a party hungry. It increases the chance of overindulging in snacks and canapés that otherwise are not part of my normal eating. I try to fill up on veggies before I go.”
Dr Carolina Munoz, Integrative GP

“Savour every mouthful…….slow down and remember to chew foods properly to support digestion and avoid over eating. Mindful eating also means making sensible food choices and going for quality over quantity. Good food is a celebration of life and sharing a home cooked meal at Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to sit, talk, be merry and reconnect with loved ones”.
Kim Scott-Puata, Naturopath

“Christmas for me is about love and being with loved ones. I find a gentle walk on the beach, in the bush, or in the park, with my people and pet makes me feel connected, happy and whole. It also gets us away from the internet and helps the digestion. So I plan a Christmas walk it into my festive season and take time to smell the roses and listen to the cicadas.”
Linda Walker, Exercise Physiologist

“While Christmas is portrayed as a time of celebration and family togetherness, for many it can be a time of work, worry, financial stress, and can be a reminder of family conflict and grief. For those folks, please remember that you are not alone in experiencing Christmas as a challenging time. Try not to compare your feelings to someone else’s ‘picture perfect’ Christmas. Keep your self care routines going and your boundaries in place. And reach out and connect to someone with whom you can be honest.”
Michelle Hazell, Psychologist

“At the end of our Christmas feast, we brew a large pot of loose-leaf organic peppermint tea. It’s a great carminative herb that aids digestion. We pour everyone at the table a cup. Sit in each other’s company, slowly sip the tea and take a moment to breathe in the love that surrounds us-letting the gratitude flood in.”
Philippa Olsson, Naturopath

“Take advantage of the break in your routine for some self care – December is traditionally busy, January is more likely to be quiet. Resist the urge to be involved in every social gathering, you can say “thank you, but I have something else on”, and what could be more important than you! Take a quiet walk/swim/rest/stretch/prayer/meditate to recalibrate, find some space for you, relax into your body, reflect on what you have been doing and where your passions/interests lie. Prepare to start 2018 relaxed, nourished and inspired.”
Dr Penny Caldicott, Integrative GP

From all of us at Invitation to Health, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and the very best of health for you and your family.



Dr Penny Caldicott
General Practitioner

Penny is a passionate doctor who loves walking in nature. Ask her about her recent experiences on the Camino Track and trekking the Lycian way in Turkey. She can also share with you the many ways to enjoy black tahini!

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