Nicole Biljsma on Creating a Healthy Home

Last month, Invitation to Health hosted a talk by naturopath and Building Biologist, Nicole Bijlsma. She explained some of the hazards found in modern homes and associated health risks. It is clear that the regulatory bodies are not doing enough to prevent the use of toxic ingredients in household products and materials. What this means is that, for many of us, our homes are no longer healthy environments.

The research is startling. Countries like Switzerland, Austria and even China have restrictions on telecommunications radiofrequencies that are one hundred to one million times lower than what is permitted in Australia. When a chemical in a consumer product is found to be toxic to human health, there is no requirement that the replacement be proven to be safer. One example is Bisphenol-A which is often replaced in products by the untested Bisphenol-S.

Despite the grim news, Nicole shared some great tips around small steps you can take to improve the health of your environments.

5 Simple Steps Towards a Healthier Home

  1. Take your shoes off before you enter the home to prevent tracking in dust, germs and toxic residue.
  2. Use a water filter to remove chlorine, fluoride and other contaminants.
  3. Clean with non-toxic cleaning products to preserve indoor air quality.
  4. Turn off your phone and wifi at night to reduce EMF exposure. Use handsfree for your mobile.
  5. Address any evidence of mould immediately to avoid the risk of adverse health effects.

For more information, Nicole’s book Healthy Home, Healthy Family is available mid-December from her website. We’re so impressed with Nicole’s pioneering research that we will be stocking her range of non-toxic cleaning products, as well as her book, at the dispensary in 2018.

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