FOOD & DIET: Healthy Eating

We all know that a healthy gut is the foundation for good health overall. So, let’s delve a bit deeper into how, on a day to day basis, we can include things that are helping our gut. These foods are pretty great…

5 Gut Loving Foods
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You have a meeting scheduled for 2pm, and it is an important one. As the presenter, you want to be focused, precise and confident. However, lately you’ve been finding that brain fog has been hitting you hard – after lunch, especially. Thinking…

Can't afford to have brain fog?
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Prebiotics are substances in food that selectively feed good bacteria and not harmful microbes in your intestine and bowel. They feed these bacteria that protect us against infection, allergy, inflammation, cancer, and they also help make vitamins such as vitamin K. So,…

How to supercharge your microbiome
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Gluten-free diets are trendy in Australia, with 18 percent of us actively avoiding products containing it7. However, with only 2 percent of the Australian population having Celiac Disease or a diagnosable reason to avoid gluten4, should we really be limiting gluten? Media…

Is Gluten a Super-Villain?
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Your guide to an at-home spring cleanse. Spring is full of transformations and often symbolises a time of love, joy and renewal. Just as we like to declutter our homes in Spring and clear out accumulated waste, we can do the same…

Your guide to an at-home spring cleanse.
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For most of us, the Christmas holidays are a fun and festive time of the year. Yet it can also be compromising to the health principles we work so hard on during the rest of the year. Here are the best tips…

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Unless you’re still living in the Stone Age, you’ve probably heard of the Paleo Diet … oh, hang on, that was in the Stone Age. Anyway, it’s been pretty hard to miss. But what’s it all about?

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