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If you are experiencing chronic muscle pain, chances are remedial massage could help you! In my practice, I have had the privilege of helping dozens of people with chronic muscle pain and have found that they experience a wide range of benefits.…

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Our foot health is important and our feet need protection from the elements, so we provide “huts”—footwear—for them. • Heel: should be completely flat if possible • Upper: needs to be well attached to the foot • Toebox: Make sure there’s enough…

Footwear Guide for Healthy Feet
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Cupping is an ancient art, which originated in China. In this therapy, cups are placed directly on the skin at specific points to create suction which improves the flow of energy within the body. The pressure created from the suction draws blood…

Cupping Therapy
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Stress management is crucial in today’s busy world. Stress is linked to major health problems and massage is one therapy that can create a holistic space for YOU to open into a deep state of relaxation, allowing for repair and renewal. Massage…

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Prebiotics are substances in food that selectively feed good bacteria and not harmful microbes in your intestine and bowel. They feed these bacteria that protect us against infection, allergy, inflammation, cancer, and they also help make vitamins such as vitamin K. So,…

How to supercharge your microbiome
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How to assess your body accurately. Let’s face it – the body mass index (BMI) that we get from our standard check-up is not individualised. I could be tall and slim or short and muscular, and the BMI scale would tell me…

Body Fat, Muscle & Hydration Assessment
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Stress is part of being human, we are wired to react to challenges that result in experiencing stress. A certain amount of stress is ok. We start to experience stress as distressing when the demands that are placed on us exceed our…

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