Consultation process

To ensure we address your health status and needs thoroughly, we follow a process that is possibly like no other you have heard of before.

Let’s take you through it now.

  1. You are assessed by one of our gentle nursing staff or integrative practitioners, before having a comprehensive consultation with one of our integrative doctors.
  2. During this assessment, be prepared to provide a thorough history of your health including your diet, lifestyle, current symptoms and exposure to potential toxins in your home and workplace.
  3. We find out which therapeutic options are most suited to you and often bring in other members of our integrative health team to work with you on your individualised treatment plan.
  4. You may be given recommendations you have not heard previously, because our aim is not you give you a ‘quick fix,’ but to guide you back to full health and wellbeing and enable you to maintain it over time.

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“Our consultation process is comprehensive and possibly like no other you have had before.”


Some of our questions might seem irrelevant or unrelated, but they help us build a unique picture of you and your health. Feel safe to share any concerns in your life.


Our team will often see patterns in what you eat and drink that may be linked to some of your symptoms.


How your digestive system processes your food is critical to your wellbeing and also helps determine how your hormonal and immune systems function. Our practitioners may ask questions about digestion, toilet habits, bloating, skin rashes, behaviour and allergies because they are all relevant to the health of your gut.


Your immune system is an amazingly intricate, protective mechanism inside your body. It is your internal ‘warrior’ – helping to repel the bacteria, virus, and parasite invasions that can make you ill, as well as recognising and destroying abnormal cells. We help you to keep your internal warrior ‘fighting fit’.


We can help you reduce the toxic load in your body from increasing exposure to chemicals in the air, soil and water. It is very important to detoxify with professional help – our practitioners will guide you with specific recommendations to support this process.

Our ITH Team are all part of this integrative approach, sharing their wisdom and knowledge. As one of our patients, you have access to the wealth of advice and resources in this knowledge pool.

“Your body hears everything your mind says” Naomi Judd

We are a medical centre based in Wyoming, near Gosford on the Central Coast, with onsite GPs, integrative doctors and complementary therapists to support your health.

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