Basic Rules for Good Nutrition

There is so much conflicting advice when it comes to good nutrition. People experience significant health benefits with vastly different approaches to nutrition – for example, a vegan diet versus paleo. While we recommend a personalised approach for all our patients, there are some basic rules everyone can follow.

  • Eat fresh, local, unsprayed produce that’s in season.
  • Eat a wide diversity of vegetables for gut health (~30!)
  • Include fermented foods in your diet where tolerated
  • Work towards eliminating all packaged, processed food
  • Eat healthy fats (and avoid seed oils)
Invitation to Health


Invitation to Health

Invitation to Health is an integrative health clinic based on the Central Coast of NSW.

Food is our body’s fuel. It provides the nutrients that give us energy and vitality. It helps to buffer us against illness and to keep our bodies at a healthy weight. And food really can be our medicine, because so many foods have genuinely medicinal and helpful properties.
“Your body hears everything your mind says” Naomi Judd

We are a medical centre based in Wyoming, near Gosford on the Central Coast, with onsite GPs, integrative doctors and complementary therapists to support your health.

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