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Dr Penny Caldicott

Penny is the founder and a director of Invitation to Health.  She has helped to create a nurturing environment in which the team offers patient treatment that respects and integrates the best of evidence based conventional and complementary medicine.

She is particularly focused on understanding the journey that has contributed to illness, which helps her to guide and facilitate the path to well being. She values deep listening and spends time to develop a trusting relationship with each patient. Treatment modalities will be different for each individual and will often include the support and participation of other practitioners.

Penny is passionate about Integrative Medicine (IM) and has been involved with a number of organisations to champion IM to other health practitioners, to the government and in the public space. She believes that the IM focus on prevention of disease can play a significant role in turning back chronic disease in Australia. She is currently the President of the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association.
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