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Our Deep Diagnosis appointment (90 minutes) offers the face-to-face time to really investigate the chemical, nutritional and environmental imbalances that may be linked to the symptoms you are experiencing.

Your integrative doctor will conduct a medical examination, determine a diagnosis and, if needed, order some pathology testing. Your Naturopath will draw on her extensive knowledge of nutrition and herbal medicine, and start formulating a plan of action to get you back on the path to wellness.

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Our ITH Team are all part of this integrative approach, sharing their wisdom and knowledge. As one of our patients, you have access to the wealth of advice and resources in this knowledge pool.

“The first wealth is health” Ralph Waldo Emmerson

We are a medical centre based in Wyoming, near Gosford on the Central Coast, with onsite GPs, integrative doctors and complementary therapists to support your health.

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