When to Take Supplements

We recommend you follow this guide:


Examples: 5HTP, Methionine and SAMe, N- Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) , Tyrosine and Glycine

When to take: On an empty stomach eg 30min before breakfast on rising or 2 hours after dinner at bedtime. SAMe and NAC can disturb sleep so take them in the morning


Examples: Vitamins A/B/C/D/E

When to take: With food, see below. Except vitamin B12- usually via injection or under the tongue


When to take: Take on an empty stomach in the morning. Can cause stomach upset, if this occurs, take with the meal. Better absorption if taken with Vitamin C. Must take at least 2hr away from zinc and calcium


When to take: At bedtime. Can cause stomach upset, if this occurs, take with night meal. Must take at least 2 hours away from iron and calcium


When to take: At bedtime

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