Planning your day around where the toilet is?

You’re in your car on the way to work. Instead of listening to the radio or thinking through the project you’re working on, you’re worrying about toilets.

Will there be toilet nearby when you need it?

Having access to a private toilet is essential because of the multiple trips you need to make throughout your day.

This is a daily worry – that you won’t be able to find a toilet in time, and a dreaded accident happens.

This story is a common one from many of my patients who have described what they experience in relation to their bowel habits and chronic diarrhoea. It impacts their day-to-day decisions as they manage the 5+ motions they have each day. Generally, their stools are loose to watery, and there may be copious gas, odour and bloating. No matter what the person eats or does, it’s the same each day. It rules their lives in some part with the constant anxiety of ensuring access to a toilet.

One client who came to see me for this problem was a tradesman who got up early each day to head to a different building site.

From the crack of dawn, his mind planned out toilet stops.

First, was there a toilet along the route to the job? If he was asked to go to a different site, he would check where the toilets were on site. It got so bad that if he didn’t do this planning, his anxiety would shoot up and cause him to rush to the toilet for even more visits.

For this particular client, thorough investigation into the history of the pattern and testing the stool showed that it all started from an infection in the gut years ago that left a mark on the gut lining that was never repaired or allowed to heal. It was compounded by poor food choices and continual stress continued for years—a self-repeating cycle.

I worked with him to develop a treatment plan, advising him how to switch the pattern off – adding the right choices of nutrients to speed up healing of the gut lining and retraining the bowel. By implementing these changes, he was able to achieve a bowel pattern of 2 per day at a consistent time—

No more planning the day around where the toilet is. 

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Adrian Adams


Adrian Adams

Adrian is a highly qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist, who specialises in functional digestive disorders, skin disorders, autoimmune conditions and sports performance goals.

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