Self-Nurture: Look after Number One

Sometime the numbers just don’t add up.

Plus and Minus are not, as you might expect, on opposite sides of the equation. They are a lot more alike than you might first think. Confused? Introducing two characters that might sound familiar….

Meet Ms Minus

She puts herself and her own needs last, and believes she doesn’t deserve the good things in life. She feels no real joy, or sense of purpose in living, and avoids getting too close to people. She expects to be disappointed – in herself, in life, and in others – and so she frequently is. Essentially, there’s a great big hole in her life.

We’re really into negative territory here. It’s called Self-Deprivation.

Then there’s Mr Plus

He is dedicated to the never-ending pursuit of possessions, excitement, or pleasure. He denies himself nothing, even when he knows his actions will have negative consequences later, because he has little real regard for himself. He tells himself he deserves the best, but deep down he doesn’t believe it. And in the mad scramble for temporary distractions and short-term ‘feel good’ experiences, there’s a puzzling problem. The big gaping hole in his life is never filled.

Now we’re in the world of false positives. It’s called Self-Indulgence.

When you think about it, Self-Deprivation and Self-Indulgence are very similar. They both indicate a lack of feeling good about oneself. They suggest a lack of self-esteem. They are both spectacularly unsuccessful ways of meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs we all have.

What they also have in common is a failure to self-nurture.

How we think about ourselves, and how we conduct our internal dialogue, influence how we treat ourselves.

Self-Nurture is what we do when we feel good about ourselves – as we really are, and as we are right now.

Talk to a kinesiologist, who will show you simple and practical ways to make self-nurture a natural part of how you think about, talk to, and act towards yourself.

Meanwhile, here are seven self-nurturing things you can do right now:

  • Believe that you are just fine, and deserve to be cared for
  • Take responsibility for your own nurturing; put yourself at the top of your ‘People I Care About’ list
  • Learn how to nourish your body with healthy food, movement and sleep; identify what makes you happy
  • Act on it. Live well, and do things you really enjoy.
  • Say “No” to things, or people, that prevent you from being self-nurturing
  • Ask for help and guidance when you need it
  • Be compassionate with yourself; be your own loving friend (Find out more)

Nurture yourself

We all deserve to be the best we can be, and to enjoy a full, happy and fulfilling life. We owe it to ourselves to make sure we have the physical and psychological wellbeing that makes that possible.

When you add it all up, Self-Nurture makes total sense.

Leanne Andrew


Leanne Andrew

Leanne is a registered Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner. Her 25 year, extensive experience in health also includes nursing, fitness instructing and health promotion.

She applies a unique mix of complementary Western and Eastern therapies and muscle monitoring to release physical, mental and emotional stress. This allows her clients to enhance their own potential for wellbeing.

Finding our presence. We are complex beings, with amazing and constantly racing minds brimming with thoughts, feelings and ideas. Learning to still and quieten that racing, enables us to access the deeper part of ourselves that might be called ‘spirit’. Eckhart Tolle refers to being in an ‘alert space’ where we can find ‘the presence behind the person’.
“The first wealth is health” Ralph Waldo Emmerson

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