The real/fake test

It’s true, there is no denying it, to function properly our bodies need REAL food, not the packaged, processed, additive and preservative –laden goods we often find in our shops.

This begs the question; How do we know its ‘real’?

We can ask ourselves 3 basic questions; is it grown on a tree or shrub, does it come from the ground or does it come from an animal? If the answer is no, or not sure, then you can bet it is fake, not real.

We are all descended from so called ‘hunter-gatherers’ , early humans who had to go foraging and hunting to find their real food.  Today, a trip to the supermarket presents us with a vast array of ‘unreal’ food, tempting and attractive though it is. Due to our resilience, we appear to be able to cope with the strain this puts on our bodies – in small quantities. But the more our bodies are burdened with poor quality nutrition, the less resilient we become. Our bodies need REAL food to power them and importantly, so do our minds.

Michelle Skidmore
At Invitation to health we offer outstanding practitioner services in health and nutrition. Meet Michelle Skidmore. Michelle focuses on the whole person, putting strategies, dietary changes and lifestyle aids in place to empower her clients to lead a full and healthy life. Michelle’s particular interests lie in children’s and women’s health, including pre-conception and fertility, weight management, food allergies and intolerances. To make an appointment with Michelle or one of our other Nutritionists contact the clinic on 02 4322 0700 today.



Jarrah Eddy

Unfortunately Jarrah is no longer with ITH. Use the Practitioners Link to learn about our other naturopaths.

Food is our body’s fuel. It provides the nutrients that give us energy and vitality. It helps to buffer us against illness and to keep our bodies at a healthy weight. And food really can be our medicine, because so many foods have genuinely medicinal and helpful properties.
“The first wealth is health” Ralph Waldo Emmerson

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