Katia Twyford

Craniosacral Osteopath

Not surprisingly our Osteopath loves walking her dog, Brandy, on the beach, enjoying the fresh air. She is also an amazing Salsa dancer with a great sense of rhythm.

LATEST FROM Katia Twyford

Your ears pick up the ominous sound of a heavy body crashing through the undergrowth. Your heart races. Like lightning, your mind makes calculations. Spear? Useless. Tree? Three metres away. You run faster and climb more nimbly than you ever believed possible.

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Your heart pumps the blood into your body, but it’s the muscular action that helps the blood return to the heart. The blood carries fresh nutrients to your cells and helps remove toxins. When you experience stress, the flight or fight reaction…

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“The first wealth is health” Ralph Waldo Emmerson

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